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Tutorials for Postgraduate Researchers

Document Management

This is the first of 4 document management sessions, where you will be using some of the features of Word to format the content and layout of a document in preparation for producing your First Year Report. 

In part 3 of the 4 part document management series, advanced techniques are covered, including non-numbered headings as found in a thesis (e.g Abstract, Dedication, Acknowledgements), page layout, references and bibliographic tools, and some revision of previously covered skills.

In the 2nd of 4 Document Management sessions, you will be using some of the features of Word to manage and format images and tables in a document, in preparation for producing your First Year Report. Document Management - Content and Layout, is an essential pre-requisite to this. 

This course the final in the series of document management courses available from Digital Skills. It is designed for postgraduate students embarking on writing their thesis. The document should be long enough to need to be written so that each chapter resides in a different document.

Do you use a lot of equations in your dissertation or thesis?  LaTeX is an open-source mark-up language designed with mathematicians, scientists, and engineers in mind. It can handle equations, figures, and tables with aplomb, while getting around some of the restraints of WYSIWYG Word processors and allowing for greater flexibility.

Data Analysis

Statistics in R

Coming Soon!

Intro to Programming in Python

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This tutorial is designed to help you develop and practice a variety of Microsoft Excel skills useful to the management of data including using formulas, database functions, logic functions, and gantt charts.

This course provides an introduction to NVivo qualitative analysis software. It is recommended for students using predominantly qualitative data in their research.

This course is designed to support the use of SPSS for statistical analysis in medical and biosciences research.

 This workshop will give participants hands-on practice using some of the most useful features of Matlab, including vectors and matrices, functions, scripts, programming, linear algebra, and basic plots.

Promoting Yourself & Your Research

In this session, you will learn to make academic posters that convey just what you need them to, drawing in the audience while following any guidelines provided by your programme.

Update your research portfolio in MyImpact for the research excellence framework (REF).

Find out more information about this popular professional network for scientists with a document from the developers behind it.

This tutorial will give you the skills necessary to develop and deliver an effective PPT Presentation.

Developing Your LinkedIn Profile

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Thesis Resources

Use this word template for double-sided printing.

University guidelines for the submission and format of theses.

Click here for the LaTeX online tutorial and look under Session Resources for the LaTeX Thesis Template.

A practical guidebook on formatting your thesis.

Other Tutorials

Images play a very important part in your document but come in all different sizes and formats.  This session provides support in creating and managing a wide range of images within your document.

Intro to Molecular Maya

Coming Soon!

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