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Dem Application Process

Applications for Postgraduate Digital Skills Demonstrators are open for 2023-24. Review of applications will begin July 2023.

Each of the following are required steps to submit a complete application.

1. Read through the Demonstrator Handbook

2. Complete and Submit:

     a. Application

     b. DMCL

     c. DHSS 

Read through the handbook for information on...

  • Introduction to the Role

  • Duties and Responsibilities of a Demonstrator

  • Training and Preparation

  • Recognition & Support You can Expect from Us

DMCL is the first of a four-part series on document management. This tutorial helps students to learn to format content and modify layout in Microsoft Word before producing their First Year Reports.  It is taught  throughout the academic year. Content in this session is reflective of tutorials delivered to several undergraduate programs as well.

Email your completed application, along with all Word and Excel files from the required online tutorials below, to

This tutorial goes over the formatting of tables and graphs and touches on how to do some basic statistical analysis in Microsoft Excel.  Like DMCL, this session is taught to a wide number of programmes throughout the year and to both undergraduates and postgraduates.

After Submitting an Application:

Once the application deadline has passed, you will receive an email letting you know whether you have been invited to interview for a dem position.  We sometimes receive a large number of applications and, unfortunately, in that case, cannot hire all qualified candidates.  However, we truly appreciate your taking the time to apply and if you are not successful the first time, we hope this will not dissuade you from applying again in the future.

If, following a successful interview, you are asked to join, your first requirement of employment will be to attend and complete a 4-hour Digital Skills Demonstrator Training session at the beginning of the academic year.  If you are tentatively hired, a final employment decision will be made after you have completed this training session.  We also recommend that you complete an ILTHE workshop training, if you have not already done so, bookable through

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