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Dem Training Session


This session will introduce some fundamental principles of excellence in teaching, which will be discussed in context of a range of learning activities. Strategies for problem-solving and teaching within a computer cluster will be addressed and you will complete a number of exercises to assess your teaching and problem-solving skills. The administration and main duties of your role as an IT demonstrator will also be outlined.

The following resources will be used for training exercises during the session.

This is a word document.

This is an excel spreadsheet.

Training feedback​

"I found the problem solving techniques very enjoyable".

"I enjoyed the interactions with other demonstrators".

"Very good presentation and interaction demonstrated by course leaders".

"I enjoyed the problem solving in the practical sessions. It was interesting to see how very simple mistakes could be difficult to locate in a document".

Note on Additional Training:

We also recommend that you complete an ILTHE workshop training, if you have not already done so, bookable through

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