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New Student Inductions

Welcome to Newcastle University!


These IT Induction sessions are designed to give you a general overview of some of the many IT facilities available to you at the University.  You will be given instruction on how to connect to the university wifi, sign in to your university email, access the many software packages available to you as a student, check your print credits, pull up your timetable, how to access your online coursework through a virtual learning environment, where to store your work so you can access your documents anywhere, and, importantly, how to keep your data secure


If you have any questions before, during, or after this induction, feel free to ask the workshop facilitator or any of the postgraduate demonstrators who also here to help.  This session will be available online to you at anytime so if you need to return to it at home later, you can do that.  So, let's get started. 


Are you an undergraduate or a postgraduate? 


Click the appropriate link below and then choose the right session for your programme of studies.

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