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Managing Documents

In this session, you will learn to make academic posters that convey just what you need them to, draw in the audience while following any guidelines provided by your programme.

In this tutorial you will be introduced to some of the more advanced tools within PowerPoint for creating slides.

In part 3 of the document management series, advanced techniques are covered, including non-numbered headings as found in a thesis (e.g Abstract, Dedication, Acknowledgements), page layout, references and bibliographic tools, and some revision of previously covered skills.

This course the final in the series of document management courses available from Digital Skills. It is designed for postgraduate students embarking on writing their thesis in Word. The document should be long enough to need to be written so that each chapter resides in a different document.

Images play a very important part in your document but come in all different sizes and formats.  This session provides support in creating and managing a wide range of images within your document.

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