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Undergraduate Tutorials - History

Stage 1

Welcome to Newcastle University.

This session will briefly introduce some of the many IT facilities available to you.

In this session, you will be using some of the features of Word to format documents easily and consistently in preparation for your forthcoming essays.

The basic document will be provided and you should follow the instructions in this tutorial and complete the tasks to explore different aspects of Word.

Stage 3

In this session, you will use a range of features in Word to format and manage a long document, in preparation for your dissertation and other complex documents that you may write as part of or beyond your degree.

Further advice on managing your dissertation.

Additional Resources

This tutorial will give you the skills necessary to develop and deliver an effective PPT Presentation.

Covers how to make the most of the Review and Correction tools in Microsoft Word to support written feedback.

Images play a very important part in your document but come in all different sizes and formats.  This session provides support in creating and managing a wide range of images within your document.

This tutorial introduces Windows 10 and how to engage with the operating system's tools.

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