Undergraduate Tutorials - MPharmacy

Stage 1

Welcome to Newcastle University.

This session will briefly introduce some of the many IT facilities available to you.

This session supports your written assignments for your program and cover styles, images, and tables in Microsoft Word, providing opportunities to practice existing skills and learn some new skills with the view of improving your assignments and document formatting in the future.

In this session, you will be manipulating data to produce tables and graphs, and you will analyse data using basic statistical formulae. Data will be provided and you should follow the instructions in this tutorial and complete the tasks to explore different aspects of Excel.

Stage 2

In this session, you will learn to make academic posters that convey just what you need them to, drawing in the audience while following any guidelines provided by your programme.

This tutorial will give you the skills necessary to develop and deliver an effective PPT Presentation.

Stage 4

This course is designed to support the use of SPSS for statistical analysis in medical research.

This course provides an introduction to Nvivo qualitative analysis software. It is recommended for students using qualitative data in their research.

Supports the use of styles in MS Word to improve structure and save time creating documents. Aids in the development and use of images in Word documents.

This session will consolidate skills covered in previous IT and Library Skills sessions: Managing your Essay, Bibliographic Databases and EndNote.

Additional Resources

Advanced techniques in Word and EndNote, including non-numbered headings that you will find in a thesis or dissertation, such as Abstract, Dedication, Acknowledgements etc also page layout, references and bibliographic tools, will be covered in detail, as well as a revision of previously covered skills. To make the most of this tutorial, you must have completed Advanced Images and Document Management.

This tutorial introduces Windows 10 and how to engage with the operating system's tools.

Without endorsement or on-campus support, here are some external online Presentation Software Options that might be of interest.  There may be a cost associated with their use beyond trial periods.

Covers how to make the most of the Review and Correction tools in Microsoft Word to support written feedback.